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5 Striking Fashion Outfit Trends in 2014

Everyone likes to style up and look elegant. Fashion designers always want to stay on top of their game with the latest trends and that does why 2013 saw the rise of some of the most elegant fashion design trends. 2014 has seen a myriad of ideas in creative design that reflects a shifting taste and personal touch. Here are five emerging hot fashion design trends this year:

 Polo Shirts

Back in the 1990s polo shirts used to influence any man’s wardrobe. As young as 2014 is, this magnificent piece of attire is returning back with vengeance thanks to professional fashion designers who better understand the proverbial “Old is gold”. What’s more? It is trading at amazingly low prices plus it is a perfect fit for most men regardless of age.

Ruffled Mini-Skirts

For the ladies who just want to look good about what they wear, ruffled mini-skirts are the latest fashion brands hitting the streets with a bang with their unique taste of style. One of the reasons why ruffled mini-skirts are catching fire everywhere is their bold color choices, ranging from bright yellow to purple. It really is bringing something new to the table just as its name suggests; beautiful raffles.

Sleek and Pointed Toe Heels

Pointed toe pumps are not showing any signs of fading up just yet. Coming in various colors and prices this is what a majority of ladies around the world prefer this year for a sexy, glamorous and catchy look downstairs. Walk down the streets and you won’t be surprised just how many women, young and old alike embrace this versatile footwear. It is a trending fashion that most ladies can’t just turn down. When it comes to the right shoe fashion in 2014, then pointed heels are a girl’s best friend.

Graphic T-Shirts

When it comes to unique and classic designs this year, few fashion design trends can beat graphic T-shirts. No young man out there will resist the temptation to buy one and pair it with a pair of sweat pants as the perfect dress code for a night club or just to spend a lazy day at home. These exceptional T-shirts are driving expert fashion designers to come up with even cooler artistic designs. After all, they are universally appealing and hotter than ever before.

Velour Track Suits

This flexible and light weight clothing available in almost every color is rejuvenating the fashion arena in 2014. It is a fashion outfit that women and their daughters are finding appealing most probably because many celebrities have been spotted out in them. Other than being fashionable, they are comfortable and colourful.

These fashion design trends are definitely among the hottest so far. More artistic and creative designs will undoubtedly pop up throughout the year, but up to now these five are indeed trending.